Let's Replace the Web!

It's time to build a network that can't be censored.

Why? What's wrong with the Web?

In the beginning, it was difficult to imagine just how ubiquitous the Web would become. Protecting the privacy of its users was a distant concern, as the web was originally intended for sharing — by the time it became clear that privacy was necessary for an open society, it was too late.

What we've ended up with is a series of large, institutional service providers housing our data & information — with full rights to do with it as they please. These companies employ thousands of censors, employ lax policies and access controls, and have been fundamentally irresponsible with the products of our work. Governments monitor and control the flow of information, restricting access to knowledge and information for their own benefits.

The World Wide Web (the "WWW", as you might know it) has radically transformed our world, but exposed us to risks that have severe consequences for our civilization. We feel that a wholesale replacement of the network is necessary — this time, encrypted by default, and focused on protecting the rights of its users.

Planning Ahead

We're looking forward to the future, so join #meta:fabric.pub to collaborate.